That Which Was From The Beginning - Links
That Which Was From The Beginning - A Look at the Scriptures and the Early Church
Here are some links we recommend
Oasis Christian Church -- Here you will find sound Biblical exegesis and teaching.
Answers in Revelation -- Sound exegesis and teaching on the end times.
The Time of the End -- Recommended reading for all Christians. This book
                                by Tim Warner presents a Biblical timeline for the history 
                                of man. It is well thought out and researched. Here you
                                find the book and the audio series.
Mystery of the Mazzaroth -- This book by Tim Warner takes a look at the zodiac
                                       from a Biblical perspective. Here you will find the
                                       book and audio series.
Common Sense --  Recommend reading for all Christians. This book takes a 
                          common sense look at how to approach and understand the
                          Scriptures. It currently out of print but is available as a PDF,
                          Kindle, and Audio book.
Scripture For All -- Here you will find Free Greek Interlinear Software.
The Ante-Nicene Fathers -- These are the writings of the earliest Christians.
Scroll Publishing -- Here you will find books and audio teachings on the Early
e-sword -- Free Bible software.
The Word -- Free Bible software.
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