That Which Was From The Beginning - The Kingdom of God
That Which Was From The Beginning - A Look at the Scriptures and the Early Church
The Kingdom Of God
Go into just about any Christian church  today and you'll most likely hear the Gospel preached as, believe Jesus died for your sins and you'll go to Heaven. But, is that what the Scriptures really teach? Do they teach that simply believing that Jesus died for your sins will get you eternal life? Do they teach that when you die you'll go to Heaven? 
     A study of the Scriptures will reveal that it is the Kingdom of God, not Heaven that is the Christian's hope, the "anchor of the soul." In "The Kingdom of God (A Biblical Perspective)" we'll see that the promise of God is an eternal inheritance in a physical Kingdom of God. Click the icon below to read the full article.
Should Christians Use Violence?
  There are many times when Christians ponder the issue of violence. Should Christians use violence to protect themselves and their loved ones? What about the use of violence in war or in the case of the death penalty? These questions, and ones similar to them, are often asked by the Christian. Many are aware of the different positions taken by Christians on this issue over the centuries, but what do the Scriptures have to say on it? What about the earliest Christians, to whom the faith was handed down? This paper is going to take an objective look at the issue from a Scriptural basis - with historical evidence from the early Christians. Click the icon below to read the full article. 
The Atonement
Many Christians aren't aware that there is more than one view of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Most have grown up being taught what is known as the Penal Model of the Atonement. However, this is a relatively new model of the Atonement having it's roots in the Protestant Reformation. The early Christians didn't understand the Atonement in this way. Theirs was a more comprehensive understanding. In this paper we'll look as some of the differences between the Penal Model of the Atonement that the Reformers held and the Ransom Model that the early Christians held. This paper will only scratch the surface as much more could be said on this issue. Click the icon below to read the full article.
Spiritual Gifts
The subject of Spiritual gifts is a source of much confusion in the church today. Opinions on this subject are quite varied. Some say unless a person speaks in tongues they are not a Christian. Some have questioned their faith because of such claims. Others say they have not experienced the gifts at all. The purpose of this paper is to hopefully shed some light on this issue and answer some of the questions that this subject raises.
Baptism - What Is Its Purpose?
Are you confused about the purpose of baptism? Is it simply an act of obedience as many claim or is it something more? Does baptism play a role in salvation and if so what role does it play? In this paper we'll look at baptism and its purpose and how the earliest Christians understood it.
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